HSBC Hong Kong Community
Partnership Programme 2020
- Support Hong Kong!

Application from
HKD200,000 to HKD700,000

2020 “Support Hong Kong!”

Central & Western

Playright Children's Play Association
0.5 Playground
Because of COVID-19, not only has social gathering been reduced, but also the opportunities for children to play outside, thereby weakening social cohesion. In cooperation with the government, Playright has engaged parents, youths, and various stakeholders to plan and build 0.5 Playground, which children will help to construct. This community-based project aims to unite everyone and bring out the best in people. Not only is Playright building a playground for children, they are also helping to build relationships and a sense of ownership.
Enrich Personal Development Limited
Building Resilience Through Financial Education
In order to reduce the risk of negative impact of COVID-19 and create stronger financial and social stability, Enrich Personal Development aims to facilitate additional training for migrant domestic workers (MDWs) through three activities in Central and Western District. (1) A seminar series about building resilience during times of crisis to equip MDWs with the knowledge and tools necessary to take greater control of their finances and address emotional distress. (2) Business training workshops to help MDWs prepare and plan for disruption to their businesses. (3) Half-day mentoring session on 8th November, 2020 to match HSBC volunteers with MDWs to provide financial planning guidance.
St. James' Settlement
Graceful Soft Diet Enjoyment in Central and Western District
Central and Western District houses roughly 40,000 elderly residents, with nearly 5,000 of those suffering from swallowing difficulties. These individuals with swallowing difficulties (ISDs) require pureed meals (PMs), however, the presentation, flavour, and consistency of traditional PMs are often not very appealing, thereby affecting appetite, health, and quality of life. A recent local survey indicates that caregivers (CG) lack the necessary skills to make proper PMs and instead require professional help or pre-packed PMs. Graceful Meal is a pre-cooked PM innovatively created by St. James’ Settlement that aims to make eating PMs more enjoyable for ISDs, reducing the pressure on CGs in terms of meal preparation. The programme gives CGs a PM hamper, as well as training to enhance ISD care in the long-term.
St John's Cathedral
Web-Based Seminar (Webinar) Project on Employment Rights
Hong Kong is home to 399,000 migrant domestic workers. Despite the economic influence of migrant domestic workers, the availability and accessibility of services varies from community to community. While there are services which provide information and advice, these programmes rely on face-to-face drop-in services and large group training sessions. Due to a range of factors (including the COVID-19 outbreak), migrant domestic workers often find it difficult to attend the meetings and training sessions. The proposed project seeks to develop and disseminate web-based seminars (webinars) for migrant domestic workers about employment and other rights.


Hong Kong Playground Association
The Distance Between Us
According to a recent survey, children spend over nine hours per day on social media. This overuse leads to addiction, the echo-chamber effect, and the fear of missing out, which is harmful to the mental health of the younger generation. In the past year, Hong Kong has experienced a number of serious challenges that have only been exacerbated by the suspension of schools and spread of misinformation. In turn, this has resulted in parents struggling to cope with their children using smartphones and social media, damaging relationships. To tackle this unprecedented social issue, The Distance Between Us project aims to improve digital health and family resilience by teaching two unique skills: Digital Detox and Social Media Literacy.
Methodist Centre
Eastern Revival
Eastern Revival is about restoring the vitality and energy of Eastern District after the battle with COVID-19. In order to bring love and care to the community, the project will invite the youth to take part in community service after acquiring practical skills from professionals affected by the epidemic. Youths will learn to make calendars as well as a Life Bag, which will record the community’s battle with COVID-19 in words and photos. Along with various articles on how people faced some of the challenges, it is believed that the project will give encouragement to the neighbourhood and strengthen their resilience.
Hong Kong PHAB Association
Print Your Future 2 – Project I (Innovation) Can
Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, 3D printing has been used to create face shields and ventilator parts for hospitals, as well as personal protective equipment for the general public. Following on from the success of last year’s 3D printing training, the Hong Kong PHAB Association has decided to continue the programme to provide youths with advanced 3D printing training in product design and development. The project encourages young people to innovatively and creatively design and produce products to solve daily problems for the elderly and people with disabilities, thereby enhancing their quality of life. Workshops and exhibitions will also be held to share the innovations with the public.
Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre Social Welfare
M.E.E.T Project-Med. and Emotional Health in Eastern Together
A lot of public housing was built in Chai Wan where many elderly people live alone or with their partners. Unfortunately, due to their age and inadequate social support, they often feel lonely and struggle to get out. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has only aggravated the stress on their physical and mental health. In addition, caregivers are also experiencing stress, which in turn affects their own health and family relationships. Highlighting physical and mental health, as well as a joyful life, M.E.E.T aims to help the elderly enjoy their later years by connecting various stakeholders such as the Housing Department, incorporated owners, medical professionals, Employees Retraining Board, residents, and students.
Youth Outreach
Y.H After-School Learning and Support Programmes
COVID-19 has had a profound impact on families’ income, youth employment, and education, etc. Since schools have been closed for a long time, it will take time for students and their families to get used to normal life again. To cope with the expected difficulties, we provide after-school learning and support programmes, as well as mentorships and tutors, for high-risk children and young people aged 10–15. By reaffirming and strengthening their interest in learning, it is hoped that the pressure on them will be reduced.
Youth Outreach
Beyond the Cloud
In recent years, adolescents have begun facing even more emotional difficulties, especially with the closure of schools due to the pandemic and being forced to stay at home. With this in mind, we specifically created an online positive psychology-based programme designed to tackle the emotional challenges facing adolescents. Through positive psychology, we help young people develop their future work skills, such as communication, team cooperation, and the ability to overcome adversities. The programme consists of four stages: educational talks, online groups sessions, adventure-based training camps, and a community exhibition.
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Mind-Body Wellness Project for Women
After six months of social upheaval, COVID-19 hit Hong Kong, causing a great deal of mental and physical health problems for people. However, adequate social support and self-efficacy can enhance one’s quality of life. In light of this, the Mind-body Wellness Project for Women uses the making of handmade products as means to promote the importance of taking care of one’s own physical and mental well-being. In turn, this facilitates positive thinking and the confidence to face any challenges or obstacles, further empowering people to serve the community.


Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Seeds of Rainbow – Share the Joy and Spread the love
With the outbreak of COVID-19, caregivers were advised not to visit the elderly to avoid the risk of infection. Since residents rely on visitors to stay in touch with the community, the unfortunate but necessary protective measures further detached the elderly from the community and increased their sense of loneliness and helplessness. This project uses the soft colours of Japanese pastel art as a way of allowing participants to release their emotions. They can then enjoy their creations, share the joy together, and feel a sense of peace through the process. By integrating local customs and features, a series of community-based programmes will be implemented to increase social cohesion and instil a sense of hope throughout Southern District.
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Academic Support for eLearning at Home Scheme
Online classes have been adopted by schools in order to continue teaching while schools have been closed since January 2020. However, a number of underprivileged students have struggled to adapt to e-learning, and teachers are unable to provide sufficient follow-up care to those in need. As schools reopened in late May, with teaching being done at one uniform speed, it became a challenge to both teachers and students. This scheme aims to provide eligible students with 1-to-1 academic support, so they can learn at their own pace. At the same time, in light of the increasing concern over students’ emotional health, support will be offered during these sessions.
The Warehouse Teenage Club Limited
Spark the Future Coffee-Making Programme
Drinking coffee and DIY are popular among youths and the public nowadays. This project teaches youths about coffee, how it is produced, how to be a barrister, and 3D printing. Emphasizing soft skills, such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving, creativity, empathy, and character building, the programme also teaches them about how to enhance their employability and facilitates career advancement. Through hands-on work experience at NLPRA coffee shops and design workshops, participants will be able to contribute to the community, as well as cultivate their skills to face future challenges.

Wan Chai

The Hong Kong Arts Centre
Precious Moment – Community Art Education Project
This art-making project will enhance the personal well-being of senior citizens and youths through art, with an exhibition that recognizes their talent and shares happiness with the public. It also brings out positive energy and builds a more harmonious community. With social unrest and the pandemic, senior citizens – whose levels of stress may at times be underestimated – need more emotional support to cope with their negative feelings. Our well-trained young ambassadors will assist the elderly in creating art to reinforce their connection with society. Utilizing simple tools and natural materials, new perspectives and values will be developed through art to ease emotional burden and create positive energy.
Methodist Centre
Rehabilitation from Home
COVID-19 has had a major impact on the world, and Hong Kong has been severely affected. In addition to disrupting various daily activities, non-emergency medical services have also been suspended. The programme aims to provide immediate support to those who are affected by the epidemic and cannot return to hospitals for treatment. This is conducive to avoiding delays in treatment due to service suspensions and reducing the risk of infection when visiting hospitals. It can also shorten the waiting time for patients and relieve the pressure on public hospitals. We have also taken this opportunity to offer employment to personal trainers who have been affected by the epidemic.
Methodist Centre
Employment Support for Hotel Industry
Due to COVID-19, hotel occupancy rates have dropped to single digits in Hong Kong. As such, many hotel staff have been forced to take annual or unpaid leave. Some medium-sized hotels are even facing business closures, which has proven to be more severe than SARS. Since the global pandemic is still not under control, we believe the impact will continue for some time. Making good use of their professional skills, this programme will recruit affected hotel housekeepers, who will offer professional cleaning services to households, and provide epidemic prevention guidance to families in need. This is conducive to providing sustainable employment opportunities to the affected housekeepers.

Kowloon City

Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation Limited
Rugby Sport for Development – Training Programme for Youth
The Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation has partnered with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, as well as a number of local rugby clubs, to use rugby to develop the skills of students from under-privileged backgrounds. Designed by professionals from across various disciplines and in alignment with world rugby values and EDB learning goals, the programme will teach responsibility, respect, teamwork, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Participants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned through co-teaching activities and a series of games. Students will then be invited to further develop their skills through various channels, such as HKRU coaching courses and volunteering opportunities at the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.
The Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers
Cheerful Kids Future Learning Station
It is a sad fact that the children of drug abusing parents are less privileged in terms of their academic studies, social interaction abilities, and personal development. The situation is even worse for children in ethnic minority drug abusing families. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the learning opportunities for this affected group was severely impacted due to insufficient online resources. Not only are children such as this more isolated from society but their chance at a brighter future is lessened. To combat inter-generational poverty, our project aims to enhance these children’s ability to learn, their career opportunities, skills competence, and connection with the community. In addition, mindfulness training and personal hygiene bags will be provided to reduce their anxiety regarding the current health crisis.
Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
Challenge Fighter
Unfortunately we have all been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, instead of focusing on the negatives, we should use this time to explore the unexpected opportunities that have emerged. This project aims to help children and parents learn positive thinking, explore new experiences, develop a diverse set of skills, and contribute to the community. In addition to enhancing their creativity, problem-solving skills, and presentation skills, they will also get to enjoy quality family time and use positive energy to overcome any challenges.
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Health Buddy
In these unprecedented times, the health and mental well-being of people in Hong Kong continues to be a top priority. To that end, the Health Buddy project will host a series of public health talks, Chinese medical workshops, health check-up services, outdoor family activities, a carnival, and home visits throughout the community to give participants access health services and improve their mental well-being. A team of volunteers will also assist in the latter part of the project to show love and care in the community and create a harmonious environment.
Rehabaid Society
Everyone is a Superstar
The project aims to train student volunteers to become tutors of people with disabilities to become key opinion leaders. It is hoped that by helping people with disabilities learn how to interact more easily with others through social media platforms, their self-confidence, as well as mental and physical health, will be improved.

Kwun Tong

The Free Methodist Church of Hong Kong
Ruthless COVID-19, Lovely Tak Tin
Being forced to practice social distancing due to COVID-19 and lacking the necessary safety items, the elderly are often reluctant to leave home, resulting in a number of biopsychosocial problems. Physically, due to reduced exercise, the muscles deteriorate, resulting in a higher risk of falling. Psychosocially, constantly being exposed to news of the pandemic makes the elderly more anxious as well as frustrated. While technological illiteracy only exacerbates the sense of loneliness and could lead to thoughts of suicide. Spiritually, long periods of staying at home create a strong sense of uselessness. As such, a meal delivery service, exercise routines, and technology classes, etc. would help them biopsychosocially.
Clothing Industry Training Authority
Skilled to Care Hong Kong Mask Making x Virtual Design 2.0
Masks represent the care and collective strength of Hong Kong. This project aims to equip people with the skills necessary to respond to public health threats by fusing mask-making techniques with the latest virtual fashion technology. Participants will first learn how to make face masks, which will then be donated to those in need, and then how to use 3D design software to create virtual face masks as part of a competition. Through both the making and design processes, participants will have time to reflect on the needs of the community and be able to extend their creativity into caring for others, further strengthening a resilient city. A virtual face mask design show will be held to showcase the creations, with proceeds going to the needy.
Christian Family Service Centre
Joyful Community with Wellness
The adverse economic environment is causing people a lot of stress, with the disadvantaged having been stuck at home for months now. A series of activities, including a concert, planting, and upcycling workshops, have been organized to improve the physical and mental health of disadvantaged groups and students. Given the opportunity to visit the organic community garden, horticultural therapy garden, and community green station, we also encourage the youth to make roses out of recycled materials for the art installation, and to distribute pandemic prevention packages. We also offer a training programme to young retirees and the elderly to show care to the community and fight against the pandemic with love.
Christian Family Service Centre
Healthy Together – Family Support Programme
COVID-19 has had a severe impact on those of low income, with their physical and mental health suffering as a result, including increased malnutrition, deteriorating chronic illnesses, and higher risk of depression. Parents of children with special needs are also experiencing heightened levels of stress due to the emotional and behavioural demands of their children. In this programme, a multidisciplinary team will work together to support families through Chinese medicine, clinical psychology, nutrition counselling, and exercise training to improve the well-being of underprivileged families. We will also collaborate with community centres and schools to train health ambassadors, thereby providing the community with better health resources and more social value.
The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
Project Reborn
The recent pandemic has greatly affected young artists’ livelihoods. Our professional services team, which includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, chaplains, expressive arts therapists, and experienced artists, helps support young artists to care for and promote the well-being (body-mind-spirit) of the elderly, as well as to expand their knowledge and skills by integrating art into elderly care. In other words, they can become art educators and use creative arts such as music, dancing, weaving, floral arrangement, and ceramics to boost elderly people’s confidence and allow them to explore a world of new possibilities.
Bring Me A Book Hong Kong Limited
Happy Reading Happy Families
According to local research conducted in March 2020, despite feeling closer to their children during the COVID-19 pandemic, over 80% of parents feel stress over the challenges their children face in regard to learning. This project aims to relieve the anxiety felt by both parents and children by empowering them to use books to enhance their children’s socio-emotional development. Workshops for students will emphasize the power of connection, creative expression, and courage. A trilingual musical theatre will inspire out-of-the-box thinking while being eco-conscious as well as fun, and a user-friendly online book guide will help busy parents select the best books for their children.
Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong
Knock & Laugh, Walk with Smiles
This project aims at offering precautionary measures and developing resilience among service users. Furthermore, by teaching mental health first aid knowledge, it helps to promote mental health awareness in the community. In turn, this will encourage inter-generation mutual help between the younger generation and senior citizens. Ultimately, it is hoped that a better and more united society can be built through these initiatives.
Plan International Hong Kong Limited
Psychosocial support for children
There is no doubt that social unrest and COVID-19 disrupted the entire city. Humanitarian crises can cause immediate and long-term psychological and social suffering to children and their caregivers. Young children who are unprepared and may not know how to properly convey their emotions especially suffer. If distress is not mitigated or managed through coping strategies, mental health issues can arise. Hence, Plan International Hong Kong has decided to work with society to enhance children’s wellness and prepare caregivers and education professionals with better child-safeguarding awareness to identify and respond to the various psychosocial needs of vulnerable groups.

Sham Shui Po

The Hub Children and Youth Centre Limited
Youth Power – Rise & Soar with Future Technology
Our STEM programme is a sustainable, mobile, contemporary coding, and computational thinking learning curriculum that provides underprivileged children with equal opportunities to experience the power of computing and digital making for real-life applications. We will collaborate with local district schools and organize competitions under the theme of home and city improvement at the end of the programme, awarding students for their innovative ideas. A community day will be organized in the local area with interactive game booths to encourage more children to experience this curriculum hands-on and arouse their interest in STEM.
Changing Young Lives Foundation
Community Grand-kids
By matching a team of one secondary school student and one primary school student with a solitary elderly person in Sham Shui Po to promote cross-generational inclusion through regular phone calls, Yum Cha on weekends, delivering necessities, household cleaning, and festive celebrations, the project inspires youngsters to care more about under-served elderly people, while also empowering participants to build supportive networks across the community. The student teams will consist of the grandchildren of the elderly people. Under the supervision of social workers, the kids will not only enhance their communication and social skills, but also build caring and meaningful relationships with people from different ages and backgrounds.
Hope Worldwide
Community Elderly Fall Free and Self-Reliance Programme
Trained volunteers will carry out assessments developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This has proven to be successful in large-scale elderly fall-risk screening. An occupational therapist will follow up with high fall-risk elderly people. Therapists will identify their needs and recommend interventions, (e.g., specific exercises, walking aids, prescription, etc.) We developed an Elderly Exercise Video Buddy, which is a low-cost video that stores a series of exercise videos. Based on the individual needs of the elderly, therapists will designate specific exercises. The elders will also watch the videos and follow instructions. Video Buddy will serve as their partner while doing the exercises. With these exercises, the elders can be trained to maintain mobility.
Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
Save at Home
As a result of COVID-19, Women in Hong Kong have been under heavy pressure. As such, it is important to support them through strengthening their wellbeing on a physical, mental, social, and spiritual level. This programme gathers the power of the community by collecting and buying virus prevention items, then distributing them to single parents and grassroots families. This programme will teach women about daily information and skills to prevent the virus. They can apply what they learn and serve the community. The programme aims to encourage and thank women for their contribution in the making of a healthy community.
Hong Kong PHAB Association
Health Discovery Channel
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people with disabilities and the elderly have had difficulties in receiving accurate information about the disease and other health-related information. This project aims to establish a Health Discovery Channel, which will be tailor-made for people with disabilities and the elderly. The project will recruit disabled youths, and provide professional media training to them. They will be responsible for conducting research, collecting data, producing videos, and managing the channel.
Wofoo Social Enterprises Limited
Shall We Dine
Shall We Dine is a project that focuses on low-income families living in Sham Shui Po. By cooperating with schools and organizations, this project offers opportunities for high school students to visit these families. Through cooking, it aims to enhance family wellness and strengthen the relationship between generations. These workshops will also help students develop a sense of caring, alongside developing their cooking skills. Organizing community cooking activities helps to develop a network between family groups, and promotes mutual help and community building in local districts. It also brings immediate assistance to families in need by offering kitchenware.

Wong Tai Sin

Hong Kong Employment Development Service Limited
Self-Healing Fighting COVID-19
COVID-19 has been spreading throughout the world, and elderly people have been forced to cut down on outdoor activities for a long time. Our organization aims to reduce their emotional stress through horticulture therapy, which provides a different type of sensory stimulation, such as verbal and non-verbal responses. We also want to develop elders’ control and balance of the body through stretching exercises, since it is important to maintain proper physical health. We will also help new arrivals and teenagers develop their technology and working skills by learning augmented reality and video production. This knowledge will then be used to collaborate with elders and school ambassadors to produce a series of anti-epidemic videos.
Hong Kong Playground Association
Joyous Assemble Youth Well-being Project
This project aims at enhancing the well-being and resilience of children and youths while re-creating social cohesiveness for the betterment of Hong Kong. The project includes immediate remedies, creative arts workshops, gardening, innovative sports, parent-child activities, student guidance groups, community education exhibitions, and a volunteer service.
Caritas Hong Kong
Show Times to Future Online Channel
Due to COVID-19, children, youths, and SEN families have particularly suffered from family conflict and learning difficulties. Since internet usage and digital technology has increased during the pandemic, we plan to build an online channel to promote positive energy through community care, potential development, and societal cohesiveness. Children and youths will form a production team to document various events, which will also equip them for future career competency. Activities include online magazines, innovative talent training workshops, community drama, and social inclusion among SEN families and multi-cultural stakeholders.
Voltra Limited
Future Citizens – Global Training Programme
Economic inequality and limited youth mobility have been pressing issues in Hong Kong. Within this context, our programme is designed to provide opportunities for youths to explore the future world with a series of training workshops under the framework of OECD and WEF on Future Skills. In the programme, there will be three stages of learning with a concluding event to showcase their learning during the HSBC Community Festival. We wish to empower our youths with curiosity, empathy, and empowerment of change, as well as global and local awareness with our curated training workshops. This will also become a guiding light for their future career planning.

Yau Tsim Mong

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
Walk with U
This programme aims to form a community support network for the elderly and carers in adversity. The senior ambassador will provide door-to-door care support, allowing caregivers to have a break. Short-term measures include providing food packs and epidemic prevention kits, as well as lending cognitive games, tablets, and mobile data cards. The elderly will be trained as ‘Community Friendly Ambassadors’ to provide home repairs and spiritual support. The plan encourages women to design products that strengthen the physical and mental health of elderly people. Meanwhile, students will teach elders how to use the Internet and video software. They will also develop home safety products with the ambassadors to reduce the pressure of caregivers.
Hong Kong Playground Association
Call 4 Love
Due to COVID-19, elderly people have not been able to leave their home very often, which has made it rather difficult to purchase epidemic prevention materials. Elderly people also have a lower level of technological awareness, and therefore might struggle to use a smartphone. To address this issue, we will organise a new project titled ‘Call 4 Love’. This project aims to connect participants from two generations. More specifically, teenagers will teach elders about using new technology, which can be applied to their daily lives. This will also add value in terms of the future skills of elders.
Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children
Stay stronger, we go further
COVID-19 has been a major challenge for many people in Hong Kong. As pandemic-related stress and anxiety continues to take its toll, there is an increasing demand for psychological support to address the long-term psychological impact, and more importantly, to enhance family resilience to withstand and rebound from the crisis. This programme aims to provide users with phased crisis intervention services in response to individual needs. This will help to release their accumulated stress during the pandemic, consolidate the experience of anti-epidemic measures to enhance their family’s resilience for future challenges, and extend a positive impact to the community.


Community Development Enhancement Fund Limited
Enrich LIFE with Self-employment
Enrich LIFE recruits Tung Chung residents facing economic pressure due to the pandemic. The programme provides them with the necessary training to strengthen their management and production knowledge of the catering industry, and assists them in exploring the online market. Connecting social enterprises and local organizations, the programme provides participants with practical work experience in the local markets. The project also connects schools and mutual committees by organizing a series of activities that will help to build a stronger sense of community in Tung Chung.

Kwai Tsing

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
S.A.V.E. – Building a Healthy Community Project
A fear of loneliness, helplessness, and hopelessness greatly affected the resilience of the elderly during the pandemic, especially those suffering from chronic diseases. Enforced social distancing led to social isolation, then to social alienation. Over the course of a 10-month self-health management programme, the Social Alienation Vaccine for the Elderly (SAVE) will see 40 smart and healthy ageing trainers assist 400 elderly people with their diet and nutrition, physical exercise, personal hygiene, and drug management. A safety net for the vulnerable, SAVE will not only help the elderly stay connected within the community, it will also prevent them from suffering from depression and life stress.
Institute for Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong
Image Your Future Youth Leadership Training Programme
This programme adopts a 2&2 approach. 1.1) Through training and a series of activities, students will acquire hard and soft skills crucial for this digital era. 1.2) By applying these newly learnt skills, they will then be able to go on to organize and lead workshops and activities for grassroots primary school students. At the same time, they will get to learn more about the local community and enhance their sense of belonging. 2.1) Participating primary school students will attend activities led by these young leaders to widen their horizons. 2.2) Given the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and how primary school students grow rapidly at that age, the project will subsidize underprivileged students to buy new uniforms for the upcoming academic year.
Hong Kong Playground Association
Vocational Track 2020 – Future Skills Development for Young Night Drifters
This project provides support to unemployed young night drifters (YNDs) suffering from the pandemic and helps them acquire useful skills for later in life. Through a series of workshops and training sessions, Vocational Track 2020 aims to strengthen YNDs for future employment while enhancing social harmony. Soft skills, such as communication and listening, will help YNDs face adversity and improve their problem solving. Hard skills, such as the ability to use computer programs, will give them practical skills. While the internship programme will give them an experience of different career choices, the financial literacy session will equip YNDs with vital financial knowledge and management skills. Finally, community service support connects YNDs with various district stakeholders, allowing them to better serve the underprivileged.
HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
Elderly Healthcare and Anti-Epidemic Pilot Project
The elderly, especially those with chronic illnesses, are more vulnerable to COVID-19. In turn, this constrains their social connectedness and impacts their health. To care for the physical and mental health of the elderly, as well as to promote a sense of community, this project adopts a preventive approach by organizing health seminars, medication counselling, health assessments, and exercise classes, etc. In addition to a community smart phone application, the elderly will be encouraged to participate in various activities, thereby promoting health and wellness among the elderly and fostering a sense of mutual care in the fight against COVID-19.


Hong Kong Evangelical Church Social Service Limited
Community Walk with Kids SEN Support Project
During the pandemic, many children with special educational needs were forced to suspend their learning, causing a regression in their development and learning performance. It also greatly increased the pressure on parents to take care of their children. This programme provides training resources to parents and mobilizes different groups in the community to provide training and assistance to children with special educational needs and their parents. Promoting child development, as well as physical and mental health, it also enhances parents’ sense of effectiveness and belonging in the community, thereby easing the pressure on care.
St. James' Settlement
Design and Repair in North District
The underprivileged in North District live in subdivided flats, villages, and squatter settlements. Facing suspension of classes, as well as unemployment, they are forced to stay at home in rather unhygienic conditions, which threatens their health. Living more remotely, volunteers often find it harder to provide adequate support. To overcome this problem, home repair workshops will be organized to equip the less fortunate with home maintenance, problem solving, and design skills. Participants will be able to help themselves, their families, and the community by applying what they have learnt. Bridging the gap between community stakeholders, small local shops, and farmers will facilitate mutual sharing and support, as well as contribute to building resilience.

Sai Kung

Christian Family Service Centre
ReACT with Arts Project
Based on acceptance and commitment therapy, this project uses expressive arts therapy as a means of intervention. The project looks to provide students with preventative and supportive intervention to help them improve their emotional resilience and ability to cope with anxiety through the power of art. The project also trains parents, teachers, and volunteers from schools and the community to become ‘Anxiety Allies’, strengthening the students’ emotional support system and promoting the ‘Six Ways of Resilience Building’ in the Tseung Kwan O community.
Direction Association for the Handicapped
Neighbourhood Wheel Chair Repairing Service Team
The objective of the programme is to establish a volunteer service team to provide wheel chair repairing services in multiple districts. The programme consists of two parts: Training and Service. For the training part, three classes will be held with 15 volunteers each. Each class consists of six sessions with 2.5 hours of training. During the training sessions, the volunteers will learn about wheel chair repairing. For the service part, wheel chair users can place an order for the repairing service. Then, we will contact and arrange the nearest available volunteer to provide the repairing service. We aim to provide the repairing service 240 times each year, which is about 20 times per month.
Haven of Hope Christian Service
Deep Deep Buddies
During COVID-19, people with disabilities, along with their families, have experienced physical and mental problems. Caregivers have stayed at home to take care of children with behavioural issues, such as conflicting with family members, and lack of interpersonal skills. This has caused great psychological pressure and negative emotions. When we tried to support them via Zoom, we found that many of them could not access the Internet. Therefore, through this programme, it will be possible to restore personal and community life systems and strengthen their future resistance to the pandemic.
The Outward Bound Trust of Hong Kong Limited
Growing up with Zheng Sheng
This is a partnership project with Christian Zheng Sheng College, with the aim of enhancing the core skills of their students in preparation for returning to society. In this project, ZS students will experience three different stages of development: learning, growing, and yielding. For learning, they will attend filming and kayaking lessons to acquire the respective skills. For growing, they will make use of their knowledge by producing a video that promotes the community festival, in addition to helping participants with the kayaking activity on the day. For yielding, they will take care of their family during an outdoor camping experience and make a short film to document the whole project.


Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong
WE LOVE Without Distance
COVID-19 has led to social distancing rules, which can be challenging for everyone. In particular, elderly people living alone are experiencing more difficult times. Technology and modern communication devices can help to build closer relationships. Exercise can also trigger feel-good hormones such as endorphins. Our project provides training for teenagers and the elderly to become joy ambassadors. By learning Laughter Yoga and Seven ways to Stay Happy, their feelings can be expressed and recorded through Meditation Art. Visiting and sharing activities bring positive energy and a healthy lifestyle to the community, as well as care for single elderly people. Online videos and webinars will also be utilized to help people stay connected. We all link together.
HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre
Let's GOAL
We have not been able to play together during COVID-19. As such, the aim of this project is to help everyone rediscover the joy of playing to relieve our suppressed distress and tension, as well as to enjoy the experiential learning of group activities. Seniors will be trained up to learn augmented reality games and leading skills on playing. These seniors will then introduce games that are related to the important issues of Shatin at schools and in the community. By using AR technology and VR glasses, participants will learn that the fun of playing is not only for mission completion, but also the proper attitude when facing difficulties. Hopefully, their resilience, interest in new technology, and understanding towards Shatin will be enhanced.
Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS
Beyond US
With regards to the record high unemployment and underemployment rates in Hong Kong in recent years, this proposed project aims to support citizens in three areas. First, reduce an individual’s financial pressure; second, maintain an individual’s physical and psychological well-being; and third, prepare individuals to re-enter the labour market.
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel Hong Kong District Limited
Happy Senior KOL Team
Due to COVID-19, many elders have been suffering from decreased social contact and being homebound. Compared to younger generations, elders have found it hard to use new technology and internet resources to help themselves during these challenging times. We will tailor-make suitable mobile applications for elders, provide training and support to enable them to make good use of internet resources for securing their long-term well-being, and become more resilient when facing adversity. Moreover, we will equip the Happy Senior KOL Team in making and broadcasting video clips, so as to help the vulnerable and hidden elders improve their quality of life.
The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Caring Link between Home and Society
To restore the sense of community, this project aims to encourage the development of a healthy society and harmonious family through a series of events themed around positive energy. (1) Vivid Vitality: Positively energize society through sports in a community festival, and to raise public awareness of the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. (2) Be Positive and Optimistic: To provide assistance to low-income households to help them feel useful by participating in English language and job hunting skills workshops; to let low-income women regain control of their career plans; and to teach people to face challenges with a positive mindset. (3) Be Healthy and Happy: Energize teachers and students through play who are feeling stressed, and to educate people about positive mental health. (4) Insist on Hope: Help teenagers live their dreams through mentoring sessions, and provide professional training and internship opportunities to help them establish their career paths.

Tai Po

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service Hong Kong
Animal Be With Me
With the stress of COVID-19 and the dividedness from months of social unrest, we are concerned about mental health issues in Hong Kong. Therefore, we would like to raise public awareness about physical and spiritual well-being through our programmes. We will apply animal-assisted therapy sessions as one of our interventions. Through these counselling sessions with animals, participants are able to reconnect with their inner self. With programmes such as animal volunteers and animal-friendly community ambassadors, they are able to find and contribute their abilities. We also distribute positive energy with postcards of sheltered animals to schools and communities for the sake of building up social networks and accumulating social capital.
Environmental Association Limited
Graceful Hiking with Butterflies
Hiking has become a popular activity for people to relax and relieve stress during COVID-19. The project theme is to encourage the public to learn about the ethics of hiking, as well as the knowledge of wild plants and butterflies during outdoor field trips. They can share their acquired knowledge of pandemic prevention in both the short-term and long-term. Pandemic prevention workshops, field trips, and fun activities will provide opportunities to craft hand-made products with natural materials, which can be shared with families. The project aims to raise public awareness of conservation via experiencing our beautiful nature while also promoting physical and mental health. The message can be spread throughout society and will benefit the community.
Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service
Kids' Land
Since COVID-19, many families have been under a great deal of pressure. According to a survey, almost 70% of interviewed parents felt stressed during home learning. Moreover, 33% of these parents claimed the number of family conflicts had increased. Hence, this KIDS' LAND PROJECT, with the concept of AWESOME PLAY (which has many benefits), comprises THREE types of activities, 1) parent-child activities such as making toys together, from using simple materials to novel technology, to enhance positive emotions and relationships, 2) Free-play, for children to explore and develop their potential, 3) enhancing parents’ future skills to better adapt to social changes and construct social capital.

Tsuen Wan

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Social unrest and COVID-19 has had a major impact on people in Hong Kong. Adolescents without specific direction are now unsure about their future career. Elderly people, particularly those who live alone, have also been receiving less care. This proposal aims to gather community resources for adolescents to attain core life skills and serve in-district elderly people by improving household hygiene, safety configurations, and nutritional health. This also includes the establishment of social networks for: 1. Hard future skills, such as IT applications, smart device design, as well as food nutrition and culinary Skills. 2. Soft future skills, including problem-solving, creativity, design, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

Tuen Mun

Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS
Healthy Life - Primary Healthcare Project
Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS hopes to establish the first mobile primary medical team in Hong Kong to provide a series of non-invasive testing services, including stroke risk assessment, electrocardiogram, and glucose level tests, for the elderly and vulnerable groups. We hope that they can maintain physical and mental health during and after the coronavirus so as to reduce their risk of illness. Apart from preventive health screenings, it also includes health education, such as health talks and exercise classes, which aim to strengthen people’s understanding of public health, disease prevention, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This project also recruits youths to join the volunteer services.
Mission to New Arrivals Limited
Blessing Action – Weave the Future
Social disturbances and disease have forced several companies to halt production, which has severely affected the income of grassroots families. The project provides handicrafts training to grassroots women to enhance their working skills, community integration, and increasing their social capital. Ongoing community care also aims to support the physical and mental health of grassroots families and the elderly, in addition to building a community support network. Furthermore, Warm Your Heart Carnival and Parent-Child Fun Day focuses on promoting a positive attitude and fostering mental wellness for everyone.
The Salvation Army
Wellness FastPass
Under the current social unrest, many youths are suffering from post-traumatic stress. However, they often fail to seek help because they struggle to understand its seriousness. Wellness FastPass is adopting a VIP user and wellness plan concept instead of the traditional help seeking service. Once a youth suffering from post-traumatic stress confirms their wellness plan, and the Wellness FastPass is shown in the community, they can get immediate support from various local shops to relieve their stress. Different types of exclusive activities will be prepared to increase their stability and mental health. Voluntary work is also encouraged to further promote the importance of mental wellness in the community.
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel Hong Kong District Limited
Stay Home Stay Healthy
The epidemic sparked panic buying for prevention items, as well as food and other necessities. This, combined with decreased social contact, has adversely affected elderly people, especially those living in remote villages. Some elderly people have even avoided medical treatment after not having access to masks. Thus, we will provide them with life necessities, prevention items, home health monitoring, online medical services, drug administration, and transport services. We will equip the elders with IT application skills so they can gain updated health and epidemic information, and join online interest classes and social groups. Youths and community volunteers will be assigned to provide support for the elderly.

Yuen Long

International Social Service Hong Kong Branch
Cheer up for Tin Shi Wai
Social unrest and COVID-19 has created a negative atmosphere in Hong Kong, which has greatly affected the well-being of many people. Some of these challenges include family conflict from social restrictions, lack of disinfection resources, parental stress from school closures, and financial burden. These issues have had an unprecedented impact on people’s physical and mental health. Under the theme of ‘healthy family’ and ‘love yourself’, the designed programmes will encourage people to take better care of themselves through different platforms, including arts, sports, and Chinese medicine theory. These activities aim to create a better environment to address, express, and relieve negative emotions throughout the community.
Pok Oi Hospital
KOL Live in Community
The project aims at enhancing vocational skills and innovative knowledge for youths to better equip them for the future – particularly for the online media industry, i.e., key opinion leaders (KOLs), web anchors, video editors, graphic designers, etc. These young participants will spread positive energy throughout society through the medium of film and short videos.
The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Hong Kong
You and Me are Full of Positive Energy
Under the disturbances and pressure of COVID-19, many people in Hong Kong are facing challenges of illnesses, unemployment, and financial instability. The programme will be designed to raise awareness about mental health, which is under the theme of ‘Positive Empowerment’ and will feature community music. People in Recovery and the public will be recruited to join various training sessions, which will include community visits, making music videos, recovery story sharing, online programmes, and music concerts to give thanks.