HSBC Hong Kong Community
Partnership Programme 2020
- Support Hong Kong!

Application from
HKD200,000 to HKD700,000


In 2021, there are 2 focus areas under the theme “Moving Forward!”:



1. Future Skills
  • Help mitigate adverse social and economic situations brought by COVID19 through helping disadvantaged communities enhance employability and financial capability and become more resilient and future-proof.
  • Include soft skills (such as creativity, connectivity, resilience, and growth mindset) and technical skills (such as digital literacy, financial management, and vocational skills).
2. Well Being
  • Bring immediate and targeted mental assistance and support to vulnerable communities most affected by the pandemic. Support them to cope with stress, adjust to the new normal, and strengthen their resilience.
  • Promote active aging and mental wellness for elderly with innovative approaches. Encourage neighbourhood support for elderly in the community through collaborations.
  • Introduce other types of short or long-term measures that improve the livelihood of other underprivileged groups and their carers.